With the final whistle blown inside the North Shore Garden Arena, the NBA 2021-2022 season championship was finally finalized – the Golden State Warriors, led by NBA superstar Stephen Curry, finally defeated the Boston Celtics with a big score of 4:2. When he saw that the game had been decided and that he would once again hold the O’Brien Cup, Curry couldn’t help but sit on the floor, cover his face with his hands and cry with joy. This moment has been too hard to come by and too long to wait.

After winning the championship on June 17, Curry Brand, a personal brand jointly launched by Curry and Andromeda (Under Armour), launched another NFT meta-universe project Basketball Headz, and has already reached cooperation with CyberKongz, HAPE, Smiless and Chibi Dinos, and plans to launch four models on June 22 IP Serums, priced at $40 each, will allow users to combine IP Serums with Curry’s previously launched NFT series Genesis Curry Flow to create Basketball Headz avatars.

Previously released by Curry Brand during the playoffs to celebrate his three-point shot in the game, the NFT series was distributed to fans on a first-come, first-served basis and came with a tool called “serums” that allowed users to change the appearance of their avatar. Starting in June, 20,000 more basketball NFTs are scheduled to be released.

Documenting classic moments with NFTs

Curry is not only a top basketball player, but he is also a good investor off the court, having been involved in cryptocurrency, NFTs, and metaverse long before releasing his personal NFTs.

In late August last year, Curry created an instant buzz when he made a tweed-suited Bored Ape his Twitter avatar and tagged the acronym #BAYC in his profile to show his support for the project, spending 55 ETH, or about $180,000 at the time, to acquire this NFT collectible called Bored Ape Yacht Club. His Bored Ape has some of the rarest features in the collection: blue fur, a pair of zombie eyes, and wearing a tweed suit.

The Other Side of Curry Leading the Warriors to Another NBA Championship: This Season’s Tie to NFT and Crypto
In addition to spending 55 ETH on the BAYC ape, Curry also purchased an NFT called “Bored Ape Kennel Club” for 5.7 ETH, which features a dog with a basketball frame. During the same period, Bored Ape Yacht Club #3749 sold for $2.9 million, the highest price for an NFT in the series at the time.

The other side of Curry leading the Warriors to another NBA championship: a season tied to NFT and crypto
It’s worth mentioning that Curry, a fan of NFT and cryptocurrency, also used NFT to permanently record his classic moments.

Last season, the Warriors ended woefully with a two-game losing streak in the play-in game and ultimately missed the playoffs. After a failed bid for a playoff spot with the Grizzlies, Curry said in a post-game interview, “Nobody wants to meet us next season.” However, to the outside world, it was clear that the small guard entering the end of his prime would never make waves in the league again, and few believed at the beginning of the season that the Warriors could win the championship. Even though the Warriors led the league throughout the first half of the regular season, there were few supporters.

Curry led the Warriors to another NBA championship on the other side: this season tied with NFT and encryption
But the persistent waves always lap at the shore, Curry that championship heart never put down. This season, Curry has always been breaking people’s doubts – surpassing Ray Allen’s regular season record of 2973 total three-point shots, winning the All-Star Game AMVP, the Western Conference WMVP, and finally holding the long-awaited Finals FMVP today, each step is significant. These three records are also commemorated and preserved in the form of NFT.

The milestone of 2,974 3-pointers was the start of a great season for Curry. Last December, shortly after being crowned the all-time 3-point king at Madison Square Garden in New York, Curry’s first NFT collection, “The 2974 Collection,” was released on the FTX US platform and sold out in less than five minutes, with sales exceeding $1.48 million. This amazing NFT auction gives fans the opportunity to be a part of this historic moment and continue the journey with me, because this journey is far from over,” Curry said. In retrospect, the promise that the acknowledged all-time leading scorer has been trying to live up to was fulfilled.

The Other Side of Curry Leading the Warriors to Another NBA Championship: This Season’s Tie to NFT and Crypto
The 2974 Collection is individually numbered by the FTX platform, with each NFT noting a specific three-point shot and game date from Curry’s 12-year career. Curry gave 200 of these NFTs to school teachers, Golden State Warriors fans, Davidson College, coaches, neighborhood friends, mentors, his own team, teammates, competitors and family as a tribute to them for helping shape him into what he is today. In addition, Curry donated all net proceeds from the sale of the NFT to Eat.Learn.Play, a foundation he co-directs with his wife, to address childhood hunger, ensure students receive a quality education and provide safe recreational and activity spaces for all children to reach each child’s full potential. According to related reports, the 2,974 collections raised more than $2.1 million for their foundation.

In addition, Curry has partnered with Under Armour to launch NFT sneakers that can be worn freely in the three metaverse platforms of Decentraland, The Sandbox and Gala Game: “Genesis Curry Flow,” a limited edition of 2,974 NFT The Genesis Curry Flow comes in five different designs – The Lab, Warp, Flow, Broken History, and Uanaimous – and all net proceeds will be donated to sports-focused charities.

Partner with crypto company as brand ambassador

According to American journalist Alex Kennedy, during the recently concluded NBA season, Curry’s video views on all major NBA platforms were 1.4 billion, ranking first in the league, and Morant, who ranked 2nd, only had 791 million views. Before today’s championship, Curry’s video views were 400 million, 47% higher than No. 2 Tatum. Curry, with his super popularity and high commercial value, has naturally attracted the attention of cryptocurrency product companies.

FTX, one of the first cryptocurrency companies to establish a partnership with the NBA, was awarded the exclusive rights to the Miami Heat’s main stadium for the next 19 years in April 2021, and the Miami Heat, who lost to the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals this season, is now known as FTX Arena. Last September, FTX announced a long-term partnership with Curry, who will serve as a global ambassador for FTX and take an equity stake in FTX Trading Limited. And Curry’s foundation, Eat.Learn.Play., will partner with FTX on charitable activities.

Prior to this, FTX already has partnership agreements with NFL stars Tom Brady and Trevor Lawrence, and Curry’s addition will undoubtedly further enhance FTX’s brand trust as an exchange for buying and trading cryptocurrencies, NFT and other digital assets.

FTX founder SamBankman-Fried said that Curry is a perfect fit as a brand ambassador for FTX, in addition to his self-discipline and always competitive professional attitude, as well as his continuous contributions and efforts in the field of charity, whether it is basketball, business or investment, Curry’s attitude towards related fields fits perfectly with the core values of FTX, and is excited about the positive impact this partnership will have for more people He expressed great anticipation that the partnership would have a positive impact on more people.

In response to the partnership, Curry has said that while the crypto investment space used to be quite secretive, FTX continues to make crypto investments accessible to everyone and make people less afraid of cryptocurrencies. The two sides also donated three bitcoins (about $144,000 at the time) to a Bay Area charity in celebration of the partnership. According to reporters, FTX gave the Warriors about $10 million in sponsorship money.

Curry has always kept a close eye on NFTs, and earlier this year, he had already purchased two NFTs, Leisure Membership and LinksDAO Global Membership, for 0.29 ETH and 1.12 ETH respectively, and perhaps influenced by his celebrity effect, the floor price of the LinksDAO NFT series then saw up.

The other side of Curry leading the Warriors to another NBA championship: this season with NFT and crypto ties
The news of Warriors and Curry is frequently on the screen of various forum communities today to dominate the list. Just like the sea level has a rise and fall, the team can quickly turn from prosperity to decline in a short period of time, it can also rise in the trough, again proud of the herd, things are constantly evolving and changing in this way. The road to glory continues, and winning the title again this year may have opened up a new chapter belonging to Curry and the Warriors, and the legendary story after that, and more NFT this new record holder.


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