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If you look at Musk’s acquisition of Twitter through the eyes of the capital market, it is just a common case of a sale.

Musk was already a shareholder of Twitter, and the difficulties and problems faced by Twitter itself have made more and more people feel that it needs a “Gaijin” to save it, and Musk has played just such a “Gaijin”.

In fact, as early as before Twitter, Facebook has already encountered a similar situation, so we have seen a series of Zuckerberg’s transformation of Facebook later.

Including, a big move into blockchain; including, fully embracing the meta-universe, none of which is the case.

It can be seen that traditional social giants like Facebook and Twitter are in need of a change, both in terms of their relationship with users and in terms of the underlying business logic.

How to transform traditional social platforms and how to bring them back to their former glory and glory has become a problem.

It is at this moment that we see the emergence of a new concept represented by the meta-universe.

It has to be said that metaverse opens up a new way of socializing, with which social platforms can not only find a grip to activate their users, but also open a window to their own profit model that has been stuck in the mud. It’s understandable why Zuckerberg would be so determined to join the embrace of meta-universe.

Although there are many criticisms about Zuckerberg’s commitment to the metaverse, some people even think that one of the most fundamental reasons why Zuckerberg will join the embrace of the metaverse is to win the attention of the capital market, so that Facebook’s valuation can be revived once again.

However, it has to be said that after Facebook has fully committed to the embrace of the metaverse, we have indeed seen the capital market’s pursuit of Facebook, and its valuation has reached an all-time high.

However, capital is always a double-edged sword.

While it has brought new developments to Facebook, we have seen that it has also made Facebook’s valuation unpredictable, with frequent ups and downs.

Nevertheless, we can’t offset the stimulating effect of the meta-universe on Facebook, which in a way has really transformed Facebook from an old-fashioned existence to a vibrant one.

For Twitter, which is also facing a transformation crisis with Facebook, the meta-universe is undoubtedly an excellent way and means.

The reason why Musk chose to take Twitter into his pocket at such a time, besides the offer of Twitter itself, is that the development of metaverse has matured, it has gradually grown from a toddler to a fast running teenager, and with the help of Twitter, Musk can realize the dream of metaverse that he has been dreaming of.

Meta-universe, a distant dream of Musk
In fact, before the concept of metaverse exploded, Musk had already paid attention to the connection between the virtual world and the real world.

But at that time, people were only concerned about the connection between virtual world and real world in the context of virtual reality.

Although virtual reality can indeed solve many problems and bring users a different experience, however, virtual reality is still only a niche, fragmented existence, unable to achieve a larger ecological and effect.

When the concept of metaverse started to explode, we saw a new solution that could break the limitation of virtual reality.

With such a solution, we can include more industries, more scenarios, we can combine more technologies, more business models together, so as to achieve a more disruptive effect.

For Musk, this is certainly a good choice.

In addition to Musk’s focus on the metaverse itself has a lot of relevance, another important reason is that many of the industries Musk is working in are actually linked to the metaverse.

It can be said that, with the help of the meta-universe, Musk can realize a fission of the business he is doing now, so as to obtain more possibilities of development.

From this perspective, Musk is also in need of the metaverse.

If we look at the meta-universe from this perspective, we will find that the so-called meta-universe is actually a distant dream of Musk, who has been looking for a way to connect the virtual world and the real world together, and he has been trying to create a new business model, but never found it until the meta-universe appeared, and Musk really found the answer.

Although Musk did not take a position on the outside world, and even sang the praises of the meta-universe, but this does not offset his concern for the meta-universe, not to mention the ability of the meta-universe itself to bring change to Musk’s business empire.

Meta-universe, Musk’s “money tree
Before Musk bought Twitter, he already said that the offer he made was one that Twitter could not refuse and that it was the best price for Twitter.

However, we also need to see that even though Musk is not bad money, but, after all, the acquisition of Twitter is a business, since it is a business, it is inevitable to talk about investment and return.

Another important reason why Musk is so concerned about the acquisition of Twitter is that it is a “money tree” for Musk.

Some people may say that Musk is not poor in money, he does not need to acquire Twitter to gain the attention of the capital market, and that Twitter itself does not necessarily bring Musk revenue.

Needless to say, there is indeed some truth to this argument.

Especially in the context that Twitter has not changed, it is very difficult to bring real money to Musk.

However, we also need to see is that if Twitter and meta-universe together, especially with the meta-universe way to transform Twitter, Twitter is still able to use its own influence to bring Musk considerable income.

From this perspective, Twitter with the metaverse concept also has the potential to become Musk’s “cash cow”.

Facebook’s performance after adding the concept of metaverse makes us feel that traditional social giants really need to be interpreted with new concepts and connotations, and once they are interpreted with new concepts and connotations, they can also gain the attention of the capital market.

Therefore, on the surface, Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is a money-losing deal, but if Musk can use the metaverse to make a change to Twitter, especially if he can use the metaverse to transform Twitter like Facebook, Twitter can also become Musk’s “money tree”.

The metaverse, Musk’s “connector
Although Musk has never expressed interest in the metaverse, Musk has always been interested in digital currency, and even made dogcoin skyrocket at one point.

In addition, Musk has also announced that Tesla accepts payments in digital currencies.

This shows that Musk is actually very concerned about blockchain and digital currency.

I think that one of the reasons why Musk is so interested in blockchain and digital currency is that they can connect different business entities under Musk’s umbrella and make a seamless connection between them.

The meta-universe, on the other hand, is the way and means to perfectly connect the blockchain and digital currency and the new business they are associated with.

In the past, I have elaborated more on the relationship between metaverse and blockchain, especially the important role of blockchain in the metaverse.

It can be said that it is with blockchain that the meta-universe comes into existence, and it is with blockchain that the meta-universe can emerge.

So, what is the relationship between this and Musk’s acquisition of Twitter?

I think there is a relationship.

In this, we can likewise see something in Facebook.

We all know that long before Facebook announced its strong embrace of the meta-universe, it had been deeply involved in the blockchain space for years and also released Libra, a digital currency that generated a lot of attention. Although Libra did not later get the results that Zuckerberg really wanted, it did show us the relationship between blockchain and digital currency.

Like the relationship between blockchain and digital currency, there is also a pretty close connection between blockchain and the metaverse.

It can be said that blockchain really makes the meta-universe a meta-universe, and blockchain really puts the meta-universe into realisation.

When the meta-universe is really realized, what we need is an existence that can include as many people and as many scenes as possible, and such an existence is exactly the all-inclusive social platform.

The author believes that the basic and universal nature of social networking ultimately gives it the ability to truly build up the ecology of the meta-universe and truly encompass people’s production and life.

This is something we can see in Tencent’s body. With the help of social tools such as WeChat and QQ, we can see that Tencent has really built an all-inclusive ecosystem.

This is what the metaverse really needs, and similarly, this is what the blockchain really needs.

Only by bringing together as many people’s life scenes and lifestyles as possible and transforming them in new ways can we really maximize the effectiveness of the metaverse.

From this point of view, Musk actually needs a “connector”, and the natural connection between Twitter and the meta-universe makes it possible to have such a “connector” ability.

Musk has always had a dream of a meta-universe.

The acquisition of Twitter gives Musk the possibility to realize such a seemingly unattainable dream.

This is something that we can totally see in the case of Facebook.

Therefore, we can fully conclude that Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is not just about acquiring Twitter itself, but more about reaching his meta-universe dream.

When Musk finishes the acquisition of Twitter, he will inevitably make a series of renovations and upgrades to Twitter, and under these renovations and upgrades, metaverse is undoubtedly an important way and means.

To realize the relationship between Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and the realization of his metaverse dream, it is clear that Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is not a money-losing deal, but the beginning of his new business empire, and the metaverse is the “opening song” of this action.


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