June 21 (Bloomberg) — Institutional lending agreement Maple Finance has issued an announcement saying that there may be liquidity issues in the pool this week (starting June 20) and that lenders (Lenders) may not be able to withdraw their funds and must wait for borrowers (Borrowers) to repay. As loans mature in the coming weeks, repayments from Borrowers will increase the funds available in the pool, which can then be withdrawn by Lenders. During this time, Borrowers will continue to receive interest and MPL rewards, and Pool Delegates is actively processing all withdrawal requests. All loan terms and repayment dates can be viewed on the WebApp.

Typically, once the 10-day cooling-off period is over, lenders have a 48-hour “withdrawal window” during which they can withdraw their deposits. If the total amount of cash available in the pool is not sufficient to make a withdrawal, the lender must wait and activate another 10-day cooling-off period before attempting another withdrawal. After all withdrawal requests have been processed, Pool Delegates will begin disbursing loans again.


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