Just this past spring break, many people became addicted to a ping pong game.

“I’ve been playing ping pong for years and playing on this game feels like I’m really playing the game.” One player said the feel of the game’s strokes is very close to reality.

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“Fans who haven’t touched the ball for a year because of the epidemic have finally found a substitute here.” One player commented, “I can’t find anyone to play in reality, and this game is just right for me.”

It’s a game called Eleven Table Tennis (hereinafter referred to as ETT), and its official description reads, “We are obsessed with creating the most realistic VR table tennis simulator the world has ever seen. After 5 years and countless hours of hard work, we believe we have accomplished this goal.”

I play ping pong in the metaverse – iNFTnews

This is a table tennis simulation VR game with realistic physics. Snap, backhand, spin, the game will map your every move.

ETT has 77% reviews in the Oculus Quest store with 5-star reviews. On Steam, the game has collected 2647 reviews, the vast majority of which are positive.

In ETT world, you can customize the racket, table position, avatar, and scenes, such as the scenes, which are divided into 3 categories: hilltop cabin, studio, and arena.

The games are divided into single player games, multiplayer games and mini-games, single player games i.e. games with AI, multiplayer games are divided into ranking and amateur games, mini-games include tee contact, cup throwing challenges, etc.

Currently, the highest participation should be the ranking tournament in the multiplayer game. Each person has an initial point count of 1,500, and the points gained or lost when playing ranked matches are also weighted according to how well you do compared to your opponents — if you beat someone ranked higher than yourself, you may gain more points than normal, and vice versa.

“Those of you with wireless VR all-in-one machines know that racket VR games are currently the best experience, and games like ping pong are the best in this category.” The user “loading circle VR” said.

“The multiplayer match inside the enthusiastic old brother will take the initiative to teach you to serve after finding you are a rookie, and will applaud you when you succeed, the first warm experience for young people.” Some players commented.

At the moment of the great popularity, VR games may be a good way to break the divide.

” Real “
The almost unanimous feedback from many players is that ETT’s physics engine is realistic.

Compared to flat sports games (such as Switch), sports VR’s its special features are realism and experience. “If you are in the traditional plane dimension to play this kind of sports game, familiarity and skill to play and play to finish all kinds of difficulty computer AI, but VR can not, because VR will consume your real physical strength, you even if you are familiar with the game mechanism, once your physical strength can not keep up, facing the simplest game AI you will lose.” “Loading Circle VR” said.

ETT was released in June 2016 by a small team of developers called For Fun Labs, and at the time many of the physics engines were not perfect, such as lifting, pumping and fastball. Many people gave feedback at the time that the game didn’t simulate forces very well.

“It’s hard and complicated to simulate the physics of the motion of a sports ball after it’s been stressed, and it’s currently playable.” said a player named Hehn on Steam in June 2016.

After thousands of updates and iterations, ETT’s gameplay is close to the real thing.

ETT is said to take advantage of Meta’s “phase synchronization” technology, which should reduce perceptible latency in the game by a few milliseconds. The update should allow players to make small corrections to their fastest swings and see those moves more accurately matched in the game.

The advantages of ETT over other ball-based VR games are.

  1. multiplayer games have players of all levels from all countries.

A similar table tennis VR game to ETT is Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR. its available in either simulated or arcade difficulty, and some players say the physics engine and gameplay are better than ETT, but there are too few users to match. ett has 6600 reviews on the oculus website, while Table Tennis VR has only 1215 The game is simply too real.

“This game is simply too real, I didn’t think I could actually play table tennis after so many years. I just got off the game at night and matched a Syrian brother, playing ball all night and talking all night, virtual reality really changes the future.” Steam community “small car car” comment.

In the process of playing ETT, I also met players from Australia, Japan, Korea, India and other countries. (Of course, the most is the Chinese)

  1. There are AI and tee machines available for training.
  2. No more obsessing over picking up the ball. For many table tennis fans, picking up the ball is perhaps the biggest pain point.

Of course, it’s not all good. “When you don’t have to pick up the ball when you play ping pong, you find that there is a lot less movement.” Steam user “2022” commented.

In addition, for newcomers to ETT or other VR games, it is difficult to distinguish between real and virtual is a common situation.

In the process of playing the game, I came across players who said, “the kill almost smashed the TV”, “almost hit the cabinet next to me, not afraid to force”.

There are also players who want to lie down on the ping pong table, or put the beat / handle on the virtual table, after playing a hand to support the table results in a blank.

In addition, “all kinds of handle and adapter weight than the real racket to heavy, and grip on the straight board players is very unfriendly.” Steam player HHD said.

Some players also gave feedback to the whipping boy, ETT’s technology can only do the initiation, introduction and part of the advanced, really want to practice into a master or have to offline.

More than one player said that playing this game is like being in the Matrix. “It’s really like Matrix, where NEO puts this thing in the back of his head, and suddenly, he’s in another world. He said, “Oh my God, are we in a computer software?” said “PROTTVR,” who was No. 1 in the ETT scoreboard.

“The growing sophistication of VR will give many people the opportunity to experience things they would never have tried in their lives. A VR headset will allow all physical limitations to disappear.” Know user “loading circle VR” said.

Recently, ETT announced that it will support the new Meta avatar, allowing players to use an avatar with a full upper body representation. Testing is underway and no release date has been set.

With the implementation of the new Meta avatar system, players will have a full upper body and a more customizable look in Eleven Table Tennis, including moving arms and hands attached to your torso.

I’m playing ping pong in the metaverse – iNFTnews
This may be a key step for ETT to lean away from VR like a meta-universe. After all, avatars are an important part of the meta-universe.

What do you think the meta-universe represents?

Is it Facebook’s renamed Meta, or Microsoft’s $68.7 billion acquisition of Blizzard Activision, or the meta-universe concept stocks rising in unison?

Unknowingly, the meta-universe gradually penetrates into our lives.

Last November, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon revealed that Meta’s Oculus Quest 2, which sold more than 10 million. (Oculus Quest is now renamed Meta Quest.)

Last Christmas, Meta (Facebook)’s VR app Oculus topped the US App Store free app list.

Rec Room, the AR/VR metaverse social platform that just closed $145 million in funding, then announced that more than 1 million VR gamers logged onto said platform over the Christmas period within a 60-hour count.

Dennis Kuhnert, developer of the VR simulator app Hand Physics Lab, said that the said app sold “like never before” at Christmas.

On the domestic front, in August 2021, Byte Jump acquired Pico, a domestic head VR device manufacturer, for nearly 9 billion yuan, and according to Pico’s recently released results, Pico’s omnichannel exposure during the Chinese New Year was 1.13 billion people, with sales increasing 32 times year-on-year. I found that the opening screen ads of ShakeYin for a few days were Pico.

As Whiplash’s previous review said, although Pico Neo 3 has kept up with the mainstream Oculus Quest in terms of hardware, the application ecology is obviously lagging behind, especially in the case of poor game streaming experience, which urgently needs to be supplemented with more built-in resources.

And this tests the strength of byte jumping kryptonite. Last week, Facebook announced its first financial report to the public after officially changing its name to Meta, because of its huge investment in the field of meta-universe, which led to a reduction of about $10 billion in its 2021 operating profit and a net loss of $10.19 billion for the year.

At the earnings meeting, Meta clearly pointed out that Reality Labs would not be profitable in the short term. Zuckerberg said he hopes to build Facebook into a meta-universe company in about five years. This means that at this year’s investment level, Meta will spend nearly $10 billion on the meta-universe every year for the next five years.

Last month, Microsoft announced a deal to buy gaming giant Activision Blizzard for $69 billion. Microsoft CEO Setia Nadella said:Â “Gaming is the most dynamic and exciting entertainment category across all platforms today and will play a key role in the growth of the Meta Universe platform.”

On the contrary, ByteJump does not have much leverage in hand. the game genres in Pico Mall mainly include sports simulation, action shooting, adventure puzzle, multiplayer online, etc. According to the official PicoVR forum, there are 48 of its all-in-one game applications, and only three streaming games are shown. The layout of Byte Jump on games has also not been effective.

The good side is that the price of games on Pico is quite cheap compared to Occulus, which basically starts at $20, but most of the Pico game stores are up and down at $40 to $50.

Perhaps, from the perspective of players and consumers, the meta-universe is not only a tool for capital to make money, but he can also be something that is actually happening around us.

Perhaps just as games such as Legends brought about the Internet boom, these games will also inject traffic into the metaverse.

One player told Whiplash, “I used Oculus and ended up matching Pico users, and went to a virtual theater together after the game.”

What’s more, a group of ETT enthusiasts paid their respects to each other and met in the game.

Meta founder Zuckerberg has publicly stated that about 10 million people need to use and buy VR content on a platform in order for developers to continue to develop as well as profit, and once this threshold is exceeded, the content and ecosystem will grow by leaps and bounds.

Now, this goal has been reached. behind the boom of VR games such as ETT is the rise of the metaverse world.

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