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How artificial intelligence and blockchain technology liberate Art

Blockchain, AI and NFT have changed the art industry forever, changing the ownership of artists' works, but most importantly, giving them freedom.

Why is culture important in DAO? What is a good DAO culture?

There is a famous saying in the business world that culture can eat strategy for breakfast. Organizations are made up of people, and the...

Is Gamefi’s next consensus in meta gaming?

People who get involved in the crypto market when it is in a bullish and exciting phase are playing it more like a video...

“NFT battle” between the giants is about to start?

On March 16, Meta (formerly FaceBook ) founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at South by Southwest that Meta is working to bring NFT...

Father of iPod: Meta-universe is a waste of time and energy

Many tech executives have recently shared their views on the metaverse, including Tony Fadell, the "father of the iPod," who expressed his views on...

What kind of “computing power” does the metaverse need?

mobile metaverse puts forward four major demands on network performance, one of which is arithmetic power. It has been argued that the ultimate ideal form...

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